Cardi B reveals how she suffer complications during labour

Cardi B reveals how she suffer complications during labour. – Noble Lyrics – World’s Iconic Lyrics Site

The WAP rapper welcomed a baby boy, her second child with husband Offset, in September. Since then, some fans have commented on how much weight Cardi, 28, appears to have lost after seeing recent photos, while others have speculated on whether she’s had a tummy tuck. However, the rapper has insisted it’s simply down to angles and the good old fashioned trick of breathing in.


In her latest Instagram stories, the Grammy-winning rapper explained:

‘People have been giving me amazing compliments on my body.

‘Right now, I got some amazing hips due to my gorgeous son, because he was sitting so low. You know when your baby is low, your hips spread.

‘But everybody’s just like, “Cardi, you’re so snatched. What do you do? You did lipo? You had a tummy tuck?”

‘You cannot do surgery after you give birth, especially me.’


Cardi then briefly touched on her second childbirth experience, adding:

‘I lost so much blood, guys.

‘One day, I’m gonna talk to you guys about my crazy ass delivery. But anyways, yes, I look snatched. Especially when I take these paparazzi pics.’


She then turned to the side and breathed out to reveal the true size of her stomach, while confessing:

‘Really I’m like this. I like to be real with you guys, and that’s because my skin is still loose.

‘I still got a little pouchy pouch right here. If I showed you all my back fat.

‘My face is still so fat and my neck, but f**k it. Take your f***ing time. It’s really hard dealing with kids, especially when you have two kids after you give birth.’


The Bodak Yellow rapper announced the arrival of her son with a sweet family photo featuring Offset, 30, and the newborn cuddled up in her hospital bed.

She simply captioned the picture: ‘9/4/21’, revealing the birth date as September 4.

The couple, who are also parents to three-year-old daughter Kulture, are yet to share their baby boy’s name.

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