Uncle Waffles Sets Twitter On Fire

Uncle Waffles Sets Twitter On Fire Mp3 Download Fakaza

What You Didn’t Know About Uncle Waffles, the DJ (Lungelihle Zwane)

Uncle Waffles became well-known for her silky dance moves as well as her DJing abilities. Her ability to keep a crowd entertained garnered her fans on the internet.

Her little video has been viewed over 3.2 million times on Twitter. Some Twitter users stated that they couldn’t get enough of the video!

She proceeded to Twitter after her video went viral to announce that Drake had given her an Instagram follow.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing and admitted to crying on the phone with her bosses.

“I just called my managers and we cried. Guys, he is the biggest artist in the world, in the entire world.” She wrote.

She has been a DJ for over a year now!

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Net Worth

Lungelihle Zwane earns her money through events and deejaying, over the years she also scored a few advertising deals. She is valued at R1.2 million.

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